The Team

At FatBoy Racing! Our Goal is Too Have as Much Fun as we can, or Die Trying.

The original core members of our team are: Charles Finelli, Brendan Puderbach, and Thom Reilly. The FatBoy Racing! team concept was born out a previous team (who shall go unmentioned) where the atmosphere was at best “glum”.  The emphasis was on sterility and “professionalism” and fun was never really a consideration. After several torturous seasons the three of decided things needed to change and we stuck out and formed our own team who’s sole purpose to to have a good time. 8 years later we’re still carrying on in the tradition of Hesketh F1 and have n fact expaned our operation and added several new Associate FatBoys.

Charles, Brendan, Thom

FatBoy Racing! Scotch, Cigars, Race Cars & Beautiful Women!